Terms and Conditions

Establishing comprehensive terms and conditions is critical in safeguarding both the Vanguard Plumbing Services and its clients. Proper documentation ensures that all involved parties are aware of their rights, responsibilities, and the course of action in various scenarios, from project commencement to completion.

Effective terms and conditions should be accessible, understandable, and all-encompassing, covering areas such as project scope, materials, warranties, payments, and dispute resolution. By clearly stating these clauses, a Vanguard Plumbing Services can build trust, manage expectations, and protect its business interests.

When outlining the terms and conditions, it is important to understand the roofing sector’s dynamic needs and local and federal laws that may impact service provision. With this in mind, 

the following are key sections to include when drafting terms and conditions for roofing services.


1.1 Description of Services

We, the Vanguard Plumbing Services, will perform the following services:

  • Inspection of existing roofing
  • Assessment of the underlying structures
  • Material selection and estimates
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Clean-up and disposal

It is important to note that the extent of our services will be detailed in the written estimate provided to you, the homeowner, prior to any work commencing. 

1.2 Estimates and Proposals

Any estimates or proposals given to the homeowner are valid for a specific period, typically 30 days, from the date on the document. These estimates are subject to change if the conditions of the work site change. 

1.3 Exclusions

Our services do not typically include:

  • Any structural or non-roof-related repairs
  • Provision or installation of satellite dishes, solar panels, or similar attachments
  • Pest or mold remediation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Any services are unrelated to the roof’s outermost protective layer.


2.1 Scheduling and Timing

Once an agreement is reached, we will provide a schedule for the services to be carried out. This schedule is a projection and may be affected by weather conditions, the discovery of unforeseen issues, or other factors beyond our control. 

2.2 Project Delays and Timing

We are committed to completing the project in a timely manner. However, delays may occur. In the event of unexpected delays, we pledge to keep you informed of the revised schedule and the reasons for the delay.

2.3 Change Orders

If you, the homeowner, wish to proceed with additional work not included in the original estimate, a “change order” outlining the new work and cost will be drafted. Work will not proceed on these changes without your explicit approval.

2.4 Client’s Responsibilities

The client is responsible for:

  • Securing necessary permits
  • Clearing the work area of any furniture, personal items, or hazards
  • Informing the Vanguard Plumbing Services of any specific property line or utility information

Failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in delays and additional costs.


3.1 Payment Terms

Our payment terms require a deposit to secure the project start date, with the balance due upon satisfactory completion of the work. Payment schedules for larger projects will be detailed in the estimate. 

3.2 Additional Costs

If additional work is required, we will notify you of the added cost and obtain your consent for the extra services before proceeding. 

3.3 Late Payments

Late payments are subject to a fee and may result in the project’s halt until payment is received. The company retains the right to take legal action to recover any unpaid amounts.


4.1 Manufacturer Warranties

We work with high-quality materials that come with manufacturer warranties. We will provide you with all warranty information and facilitate any claims with the manufacturer on your behalf.

4.2 Workmanship Guarantee

Our workmanship is guaranteed for a specified period, typically one year or as required by local regulations. This guarantee includes any defects or issues directly related to our installation or repair and is void if third-party modifications or damages are found.


5.1 Insurance Coverage

We carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation to protect our workers and you, the homeowner, in case of injury or property damage.

5.2 Property Protection

We take precautions to protect your property during our work. If damage does occur, we will rectify the issue promptly and at no cost to you.

5.3 Indemnification

The homeowner agrees to indemnify and hold the Vanguard Plumbing Services harmless against any claims, losses, or expenses relating to the contract work, excluding cases of company negligence.


6.1 Post-Completion Inspection

We will conduct a post-completion inspection with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the work performed and that all aspects of the job have been completed according to the contract.

6.2 Follow-Up Support

We are available for follow-up support and to address any issues covered by the warranty. Our customer service team will respond promptly to your inquiries.