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Drain Repair

From Camera Inspections to Sewer Replacement, We Are Your Trusted Drain Professionals in Lakeland, FL & Surrounding Areas

Drain Repair

Maintenance and repairs can be a big responsibility as a homeowner, but essential to keep your home’s many systems working as they should. Your home’s plumbing system is one of the major systems that requires routine maintenance and repairs to avoid serious issues like water damage and even sewer back-ups. Your home’s main sewer line that runs under your property is easily overlooked but if neglected it can develop serious clogs or deteriorate and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Here’s what you should know about how your home’s sewer works and what you can do to keep it working properly.

Common Problems Affecting Your Sewer Line

There are several common problems that can affect your sewer line:

Tree roots- Tree roots can easily infiltrate your sewer line, even if the trees are planted far away. Roots naturally grow to seek out water and they can grow through tiny pinholes in the pipe and quickly enlarge and expand. When roots infiltrate your sewer line, they can lead to clogs that prevent water from flowing or damage the pipe and worsen existing damage.

Clogs- A blockage in your sewer line can result from tree roots as well as grease, solid objects, and a build-up of debris that restricts water flow.

Corrosion or deterioration of the pipe- If you have an older sewer line that is made from any material aside from PVC, you are at risk of having your sewer line degrade which makes it collapse and restrict water flow.

Misaligned, broken, or cracked pipe- This is often due to shifting soil or frozen ground that forces the pipe out of place. The stress can cause the sewer line to break, crack, or collapse in places.

Leaks-If the seals between your pipes break down, the water can leak into the ground surrounding your sewer line.

Bellied pipe- This happens when part of the sewer pipe sinks into the ground, creating a place for waste to quickly collect.

Prior to cleaning or repairs, a camera inspection is recommended for a clear visual inspection of the interior of the sewer line and other underground pipes. With a flexible rod attached to a waterproof camera, our professionals can visualize the entire length and diameter of your pipe to better understand existing and potential problems. This inspection removes the guesswork to quickly and accurately diagnose sewer line problems and even pinpoint the precise location.

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